Serum N°08 - Night Rejuvenation

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The SERUM N°08 is a precious alloy of eight exceptional oils with high-performance active ingredients to intensely regenerate the skin overnight.  The unique formula helps the skin’s natural regeneration properties by stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin to dynamise and smooth the skin, while enhancing the cutaneous antioxidant properties for plumped, youthful skin.  Also with a complex of hydrating, firming and lightening oils and actives The SERUM N°08 will help maximise the regenerative benefits of night time.

Using three specific ingredients: a derivative of retinol (retinoids), a phyto-retinol (Bidens Pilosa Extract, with a natural retinol-like scientifically proven action), and Rosehip Oil, packed with antioxidant carotenoids. side effects associated with retinol is avoided.  Take advantage of the night’s potential of rejuvenation to intensely stimulate cell-renewal. Day after day, the skin wakes up deeply repaired, smoother and evermore radiant,

9 actives - 3 patents - 9 oils

• Jojoba oil
• Camellia oil
• Rose Stem Cells with Hundred Leaves
• Salicornia extract

• Bisabolol

• Meadowfoam oil
• Belle de Nuit extract - Mirabilis Jalapa
• Grapeseed Oil

• Marula oil
• Pale Iris Stem Cells

• Prickly pear oil
• Baobab oil

• Retinol Like - Bidens Pilosa extract
• Retinoid
• Rosehip Oil
(help avoid retinol associated side effects)

• Marshmallow, Rice and Liquorice extracts
• Stem cells of Narcissus of the Poets "