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U Beauty is a clean, multifunctional skincare range designed to simplify your daily skincare regimen without sacrificing results.

U beauty was created by Tina Craig, who was motivated by a need to streamline her routine and optimize her skincare - with a brand offering singular products that replace excess with essence.

With their proprietary patent-pending technology SIREN Capsules - U Beauty has the power to change your skin for the better.  

SIREN Capsules are thoughtfully packed and clinically tested for safety, stability, and efficacy. A SIREN can be loaded with endless combinations of actives enabling infinite skin nourishing and renewing possibilities. SIREN capsules lures the free radical by cleverly tricking it, the SIREN neutralizes the free radical, stopping it in its tracks. Next, it loads key ingredients to visibly boost skin, including collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid levels.

By activating only where free radicals accumulate, the SIREN ensures its ingredients are released strictly where skin is frail, compromised, or in need of visible rejuvenation. Fine lines, wrinkles, and redness appear diminished. Visible puffiness, uneven tone, and texture are improved. Within days, skin looks smoother, brighter, better. With continued use, U Beauty SIRENS deliver great skin for the long game.

SIREN Capsules in action (dramatization)

At U Beauty:

    U Beauty's formulas are made in Italy where they adhere to EU cosmetic law and the strict exclusion of over 1,600 substances.
    All U Beauty products are manufactured in a CO2-free facility, and they keep the lights on with 100% green energy.
    U Beauty is against animal testing in the research, development and production of finished products and have been certified by Cruelty Free International.
    They donate to One Tree Planted, as part of our ongoing initiative with this non-profit dedicated to reforestation.
    U Beauty's packaging is made of an average of 92.5% post-consumer recycled plastic, outer packaging and inserts are 100% recyclable, and they never use single-use plastics or solid microplastics or microbeads.

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