September 28, 2021

The complete CODAGE Paris daily skincare guide

By Suyin Ginn
The complete CODAGE Paris daily skincare guide

With the swarm of skincare options on the market, we understand the temptation of trying the latest and greatest formulations. That new anti-aging night plumper or juicy vitamin glow-maker-er, we don’t blame you for getting a little cosmetically confused. 

Skincare is our religion nothing beats ethereal results like a balanced, beautiful, tailored routine.

What is the trinity of CODAGE Paris Skincare? - Prepare, Act, Protect, repeat.

Skin worship is worth it, everyone can enjoy a stunning complexion. It’s about finding the right ritual for your skin and sticking to it.

We’ve curated the complete CODAGE Paris daily skincare guide to regain and maintain that dewy, healthy glow long term.


Always double cleanse daily and exfoliate once a week.

We suggest the light texture of the CODAGE Cleansing Cream, rich in shea, coco and moringa for the mornings and the CODAGE Cleansing Balm at night.  The unique silky balm melts into an oil and then milk to nourish, soothe and detoxify.

The CODAGE Peeling Lotion is a weekly toner, packed with active AHAs to resurface, hydrate and regenerate all in one.  Perfect for all skin types, all you need is quick swipe over the skin, once a week to keep the skin looking slick.


Serums are the skin transformers, you cannot miss this step.  Always glide serum on before the moisturiser.

Serum No. 3 – Radiance & Energy, an elixir of powerful hydrators, antioxidants and botox-like proteins, perfect to restore brightness to the most dull, complexions.

Skin Recovery – The hero product of CODAGE Paris, targeting stem cells to strengthen and regenerate skin, soothing redness, anti-blemish and softening. Anti-aging and first aid for skin all year round.


Moisturise both the eye area and the face separately.

CODAGE Paris Day Cream provides highly concentrated nutri-elements to balance oil and moisture levels in the skin to offer the most radiant day to day protection available.   Packed with a vegan viper-venom, the botox-like effects are paired with exotic plum extracts to offer plump, hydrated, youthful skin.

CODAGE Eye Contour Cream, because skin around the eyes are different to the face.  Dark circles are deflated, puffiness is kept at bay, the velvety smooth texture will lift contours, smooth out fine lines and offer noticeably brighter eyes.