July 07, 2021


By Spring Store

5 top tips for optimum skincare from our Chief Wellness Officer Richard Williams

#1 - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Drinking water is the most effective way to rehydrate the body as well as your skin, supporting kidney and organ function while flushing toxins. Add a squeeze of lemon to aid digestion.
Skin Tip - Use a facial spray or mist frequently throughout the day. This helps to keep your skin moist and provides natural brightening, in many cases facilitating the action of your moisturisers and serums.
#2 – Oil
Oils are great to use on the face and can be feared by those with combination or oily complexions. In fact they are ideal for this skin type as they play a balancing role and it’s more about finding the right oil for your skin.
Skin Tip – Spa at home by giving yourself an oil face massage using upward strokes and circular motions on the forehead and the cheek area, this helps with lymphatic drainage and sculpting.
#3 – Gua Sha
This ancient Chinese ritual improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity while addressing everything from adult acne to wrinkles. This tried and tested technique helps to manually drain lymph fluid that can cause puffiness and inflammation giving yourself a natural cleanse.
Skin tip - Not only can you chill your Gua Sha for use during the summer, you can also warm them in the winter by resting them in a bowl of hot water before use. Glide the Gua Sha over the contours of your face, working inwards and outwards to create a flushing of the skin. Use an upward, outward movement applying a light pressure over a facial oil.
#4 – Rich Hydrators
Change up your skincare in winter and swap out your light summer hydrators/moisturisers for richer creams/oils. Combat environmental factors like wind and cold along with changeable temperatures from moving outdoors to indoors with a product that’s going to repair, protect and hydrate.

#5 – Serum
Whether your skincare routine consists of 15 steps or five, there is one product that's non-negotiable: Serums target specific skin concerns due to their high concentration and potency.   Lightweight, they can be used both morning and evening.
Skin Tip - Emulsify your serum into your moisturiser or apply to specific zones on the face that need it most.