August 14, 2020

Our Go-To Masks for a Plump and Even Complexion

By Codage Admin
Our Go-To Masks for a Plump and Even Complexion
Take your skin on a radiance infused journey with our go-to ultra hydrating masks.
The perfect addition to your weekend skin getaway, from the comfort of your home. 
1. KNC Lip Mask
Your KNC lip mask will give you those plump, hydrated, soft, smooth, moisturised, kissable lips you’ve always wanted. Petroleum-free and infused with plumping collagen and moisturizing rose flower oil, vitamin e, and bitter cherry extract, it’s all natural, all day! - KNC Lip Mask $12
2. CODAGE Moisturising Mask
Bring life back to dry, dull skin with this intensely hydrating mask. Infused with nourishing organic shea butter, organic baobab oil and plant-based waxes to strength skin's moisture barrier; radiance-boosting copper, zinc and magnesium to resurface and moisturising hyaluronic acid to restore hydration levels. Offers a gentle enzymatic peel to stimulate cellular renewal and promote a glowing complexion. - CODAGE Moisturising Mask $75
3. ADASHIKO Collagen Gel Mask
The ultimate anti-ageing skin luxury. Adashiko Collagen Gel Cloth Masque smooths, calms and brightens the complexion with a blend of antioxidants and potent skin-loving ingredients. Each masque delivers intense hydration and a healthy looking, radiant complexion in as little as ten minutes. - Adashiko Collagen Mask 5 Pack $55
4. CODAGE Mix & Mask

The MIX & MASK set is composed with the full range of CODAGE Facial Masks in 15 ml, a quantity that represents at least 1 month of use per product, to offer your skin an optimal cleansing and to answer different skin concerns at the same time.

Reinvent your weekly beauty routine with this targeted skincare which reboots the skin in a few minutes with an exfoliating, moisturising, purifying and peeling action! - CODAGE Mix & Mask $85

5. KNC Eye Mask

Wake up, my little pretty, because your new retinol-infused KNC eye mask will give you those fresh, hydrated, smooth, depuffed, bright eyes that are ‘gram & glam ready! With retinol to refine texture and stimulate blood flow and aloe to soothe and reduce redness, it’s all natural, all day! - KNC Eye Mask $12