July 31, 2020

Keeping Your Skin Rejuvenated During Renos

By Codage Admin
Keeping Your Skin Rejuvenated During Renos
The J.O.B by day, the DIY home renovations by night. Welcome to the life of a first home buyer. If this applies to you, you may have noticed little Vitamin C, less time (and money!) for the 12-step beauty regime and a whole lot of dust clogging up those pores. Not to mention the impact solvents and paint fumes have on your total inner and outer glow.
Enter my skincare connoisseur sisters of Spring. Together we have formulated the perfect low maintenance skin saviours to detox and repair your glow leaving you replenished and revived for the busy months ahead.

Go back to basics with this tried and tested 4 step routine.


Properly cleansing your skin is an essential first step to remove all the impurities from make up to environment. My go-to for a simple double cleanse is the 302 face and body bar, very budget friendly and one bar should see you through the year.


Next up is the toner. My busy life leaves my skin dull, tired and tense. This step is especially important to target my pores and to remove surface build up. I usually opt for a glycolic toner, cult favourite PIXI Glow Tonic, which also comes in a travel sized option.


Serums. I do have to admit, there’s some things you need to splash some cash on, but you need to be wise about them. My investment piece at the moment is the CODAGE No1 Hydration for intense hydration - Also available in a travel sized option!


SPF ALWAYS. This step is really, really important if you live in New Zealand because of our thin ozone layer. I have been applying the Emma Lewisham SPF 30 daily face for 4 weeks now and I’m impressed with its light and non-greasy formula. Moisturiser and sun protection in one. 

Fewer products means a shorter routine and more time for my renovations so I’m in. How about you?

 - Claudia Redmond, Spring Spa Wellington