August 12, 2021


By Suyin Ginn

1. What are the positive, long term effects on skin using a Gua Sha?

 Amazing results can be seen by integrating gua sha into your spa visits and skincare routine. Used briefly daily or every other day, the gliding motion improves product absorption, and most importantly skin function.  You can expect a noticeably clearer, smoother and healthier skin complexion as the gua sha enhances your skin regeneration process. Additional benefits include less sinus blockage, improved puffy or dark circles, balanced, youthful skin.


2. What type of gua sha tool is best for home use?  

 Gua sha comes in different shapes, sizes and notches to fit the different contours of our face. A palm size gua sha, with smooth, seamless edges, crafted from a natural crystal works best. Our rose quartz dolphin-shaped gua sha has a versatile shape with softly crafted curves and spaces to fit all the facial contours from jawline, to neck and brows.  This shape allows for easy use on the face and shoulder or neck.


3. How should we do gua sha at home?

 There is beautiful intuitiveness to the gua sha tool. Experiment with the different curves and spaces of the gua sha; move and glide along your skin, do what feels good for your unique facial contour.

Here are our tips to help with your gua sha journey, and integration into your skincare routine.

1) Start with a nourishing face oil, hydrating mask or rich cream before using the gua sha.

2) Our therapy strokes glide along the skin in long connected strokes rather than short ones.

3) A lighter pressure works to improve lymphatic flow and skin regeneration and healthier functions, a deeper firmer pressure engages and relaxes facial muscles and expression lines.

4) Use warm or cold.  Heat the gua sha in some warm water for use in the evening as an indulgent relaxing ritual, or chill the gua sha the fridge or a bowl of ice water for an instant hit of cryotherapy to take puffiness down in the mornings.

5) Glide your strokes from the centre of the face towards the point at the front of the ears.  Also, glide strokes down the face and neck to the point where the collar bones meet.  These two special points help with lymphatic drainage and circulation.


4. Are there other points of the body that can benefit from at-home gua sha?

 Gua Sha can be used on the arms, legs, chest, neck, shoulders and back to relieve pain or tension.  It helps to increase circulation to reduce inflammation through lymphatic drainage and engaging deeper with the muscles.


5. Should the gua sha stone be hot or cold, and why?

 There are benefits of using the gua sha hot or cold.  They can be chilled to address anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and toning concerns, and warmed by resting them in a bowl of hot water for addressing muscle tension, relaxation of expression lines and enhancing stillness of the mind.  Dab the tool dry on a cloth before enjoy the warming or cooling sensations as it accelerates micro-circulation and lifting/toning effect.


6. How often can we gua sha?

For best results, your Gua Sha ritual should be performed daily, morning to energise and reduce puffiness and night time to relax muscles. Alternatively 2-3 times weekly. Your ritual can be brief, a few moments to a full indulgent session with each one of your facial products.  The key is to use your gua sha consistently, and with intent


7. How do we clean and store a gua sha tool?

Simply wash with soap and water and keep it dry. The Gua Sha can be kept in the fridge if you prefer to use it cold alternatively keep it dry and protected ideally wrapped in light fabric or small pouch.