February 10, 2021

Get UNREADY With Roxie

By Spring Store
Get UNREADY With Roxie

This year we’ve seen the long awaited rise in taking a moment and giving ourselves the love we often give to others.

As fun as getting ready is, sometimes you just need a night with number one, getting UNREADY and giving your skin, body and hair all (and I mean ALL) of the treats.

Starting off my ritual is a bath using Spring Cleansing Wash, which smells divine as well as leaving my skin clean and ready for my unready regime.

Next comes Baume Exfoliant by Codage. A soft all over body sugar & rice exfoliant which buffs away dead skin but manages to leave a silky nourishing effect with the magic of shea butter & macadamia oil.

Once out of the bath, comes one of my favourite products from Codage, and what I refer to as liquid gold. L’Huile by Codage is a blend of 8 of the best oils formulated for use on body, hair and face.

I run this through the ends of my hair and use it on my body & hands. My skin feels so nourished and the oils work their magic overnight giving my skin softness and a total golden glow.

Skincare is often focused on your face, leaving your body a little left out. Focusing on exfoliating my body and giving it the same amount of love gives you a feeling of looking after all of you, total self care.

On that note… follows an easy 2 step U Beauty face care routine.

Step 1: Resurfacing Compound serum.

Step 2: Super Hydrator.


For an extra treat, KNC Gold infused eye masks to make me feel awake and alive for the next day!

Last step, but never least is a good book, candle and a carafe of water, with my life lines never far.

c/o @roxiemohebbi