Supernatural Face Crème Riche REFILL POD

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Please hold onto your empty Supernatural 72-Hour Crème jar.  

REFILL it with Supernatural 72-Hour Crème REFILL POD.  Simply detach the empty refill pod that sits within your jar and replace it with the new refill pod.

You now have the option to participate in Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Refill Programme.  Refilling your Emma Lewisham significantly reduces carbon emissions - so you can feel good about your skin and your planet.  

Please collect at least 4 empty vessels before returning them to help reduce carbon emissions.  Download and print your free shipping label to reuse and recycling of the empty pods from here.



Emma Lewisham: B Corp certified business - Toitu climate positive certified -Part of the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle - Natural, naturally derived or nature identical ingredients - pregnancy Safe - Scientifically Proven Ingredients - Effective natural ingredients & formulations - Vegan and not tested on animals - Refillable + Recyclable