Skin Intervention

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SKIN INTERVENTION prescription, the ready-to-wear skincare routine that answers your skin needs before and after an abrasive aesthetic procedure (peeling, laser surgery, filler injections etc.) This ensemble prepares your skin pre and post procedure to enhance your beautiful healthy skin.

This prescription contains 4 products:

  1. Prepare with MICRO-PEELING MASK - 15 ml Exfoliating, Brightening & Anti-aging
    Once or twice a week prior to peels or laser treatments to optimise the effect. Skin will be more receptive and guaranteed to encourage even, uniform and radiant complexion.
  2. Act with SERUM SKIN RECOVERY - 10 ml Ultimate Skin Repair
    SERUM N°01 - 10 ml Intense Moisturising
    Freshly cleansed, skin needs to be deeply nourished. 2 or 3 days following an aesthetic/abrasive procedure, use morning and night SKIN RECOVERY serum to repair, calm and regenerate your weakened skin. Acting as a powerful cutaneous regeneration enhancer it will heal your complexion, regain uniformity and brightness. In the morning, SERUM N°01 - Intense Moisturising –deeply penetrates to hydrate and reduce and on-surface dried skin, plumping skin layers with hydration.
  3. Protect with NIGHT CREAM - 15 ml Nourishing, Anti-aging & Detoxifying
    Once your skin has completely absorbed the serums, it is primed for Night Cream (may be applied morning and night). A rich and tender texture, true repairing nourishing concentrate will act like a shield protecting the top layer of the skin from internal or external conditions.