Night Rejuvenation Duo - Serum N°08 + Cleansing Cream

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The Night Rejuvenation Duo from CODAGE PARIS

  • The SERUM N°08
    Take advantage of your night - a precious alloy of eight exceptional oils with high-performance active ingredients.  The serum will help prevents and corrects all signs of aging with the power of Retinol and other active ingredients.  Night after night, the serum helps intensely regenerates the skin by harnessing the repairing power of the night, it supports the skin in its cellular regeneration.  Your skin regains its radiance and pores, wrinkles and fine lines are blurred.
  • A gentle cleanser that deeply cleanses without irritating normal to dry skins. Its creamy texture transforms into a light foam when in contact with water which eliminates impurities and pollution particles while providing the skin with a sensation of comfort and softness .