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Guided by a nutritional approach to skincare, the focus of our protocol is the application of highly active serums that allow all nutrients essential to the skin’s proper functioning to penetrate its deepest layers. These concentrated formulas are even more effective on skin that has been prepared prior to care and protected afterwards.

This prescription contains 4 products:

  1. Prepare MOISTURISING MASK - 15 ml Nourishing, Moisturising & Radiance
    Once or twice a week, plunge your skin into a moisture bath thanks to the Moisturising Mask. This mask offers intense nutritional care, which regenerates and nourishes skin dried out and weakened by the cold, while its enzymatic peeling stimulates cell renewal. Your skin is soothed, radiant and completely revitalised.
  2. Act SERUM N°01 - 10 ml Intense Moisturising
    OH MY COLD - 10 ml Extreme Cold Moisturising
    After proper preparation, skin needs to be deeply nourished. In the morning, apply 2 or 3 drops of the OH MY COLD serum to protect, repair and instantly replenish the skin with moisture and lipids, to ensure maximal protection and hydration all day long. At night, the SÉRUM N°01 – Intense Moisturising – nourishes even more skin dried out by the cold to make it strong, soft and supple. In case of dry skin, mix and apply both serums morning and night.
  3. Protect NIGHT CREAM - 15 ml Nourishing, Anti-aging & Detoxifying
    Once your skin has completely absorbed the serum(s), it is primed for a moisturising cream. The Night Cream, a repairing nourishing concentrate, acts like a shield in protecting the top layer of the epidermis from external aggression while stimulating cellular regeneration and maintaining an optimal level of comfort and hydration.