Cleansers & Masks

Start your skincare regime right with applying light, luxurious cleansing solutions. Micellar water, cleansers, moisturising lotions and masks are essential in keeping your skin hydrated and nourished. 

Everyday cleansers & masks work to clear away any impurities and clean out your pores. The Codage micellar water effortlessly cleanses your face, removes all traces of makeup and hydrates your skin leaving it soft, smoother and clean in seconds. Exfoliants are essential to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, they promote blood circulation and leave the skin looking smoother and refreshed. Suitable to all skin types,  the Codage Scrubbing Cream will boost your skin’s regenerative process to reveal a smoother, more radiant tone. Facial masks hydrate the skin, refine pores, fade fine lines and create an even skin tone. The Codage purifying mask is suitable to all skin types, it will restore and bring your dry and dehydrated skin back to life instantly. 

Invest in our range of cleanser & mask skincare brands to restore and hydrate your skin.